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BACH BRASIL #12 - Bach & Handel

Arias by Bach and Handel with soprano Marília Vargas.

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BACH BRASIL #12 - Bach & Handel

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Aug 07, 2021, 7:00 PM

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The program presents similarities and contrasts between arias originally written for soprano, violin and bass continuo by Bach and Handel, with the participation of soprano Marilia Vargas, violinist Juliano Buosi, cellist Diego Biasibetti and harpsichordist Fernando Cordella. Bach's arias were taken from his cantatas and Handel's are part of a collection called “German Arias”, which are also part of a recent recording work by the trio Vargas, Buosi and Cordella. A “differential” of this work is that the ornamentation of the German Arias was written by the harpsichordist Nicolau de Figueiredo. Internationally known for his “ da capo” arias ornamentation, his work is anonymously recorded in the most famous recordings of this repertoire. Alongside this Bach Society Brasil concert, the trio is launching a CD project that includes a book with the scores of these ornaments and aims to be a source of wealth and inspiration for other artists specializing in baroque music or those who aspire to be.

The project has a campaign on the Catarse website that aims to pre-sell this material, enabling the financing of all costs involved in carrying out the project. For more information access the link below:

A concert from the Bach Brasil 2021 series, by Bach Society Brasil.

Artistic direction: Fernando Cordella

Audiovisual and communication direction: Caio Amon

Production Management: Ilton Carangacci

Executive Director: Fábio Ramos

Sound engineering: Fabiano Cordella

Communication team: Mariana Rosa and Darlan Scheid

Direction of Photography: Arion Engers

Video team: Mauricio Casiraghi, Pedro Locatelli

Producer: EROICA content

Audio assistant: Graziele Huning

President of Bach Society Brazil: Gilberto Schwartsmann

Institutional Support: Goethe Institut Porto Alegre, EROICA Música and Studio Clio

Funding: Sponsors and supporters of Bach Society Brazil

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